Frankie Cosmos – Vessel

Frankie Cosmos, aka Greta Kline, and her backing band are bland, pretentious, charlatan, bullshit non-artists that play soft, non-thinking, mind-numbing, safe-ass pieces of antiseptic rock ‘n’ roll, with lyrics about super-vague, nonsensical, intangible things that are supposedly supposed to invoke some type of emotion, but what we’re really left with are just dumb-downed, uber-boring, cardboard… Continue reading Frankie Cosmos – Vessel

alt-J – This is All Yours

Late August saw the release of This Is All Yours, the sophomore release by the newest band to have been hailed a “new Radiohead” – a title both unwarranted and meaningless. Still, with their awesome wave of a debut, alt-J instantly proved themselves one of the most capable art rock bands of the decade. Simultaneously… Continue reading alt-J – This is All Yours