Atlanta Drummer Yonrico Scott, 1955-2019

Consummate musician Yonrico Scott, a multifaceted talent whose remarkable percussion skills were acknowledged and respected throughout the music industry, died Thursday night, September 19 at 63 years of age. Born in Detroit, Scott began playing drums at age 7 with local gospel/church groups, studied under professional drummer George Hamilton Jr. as a teen, and majored… Continue reading Atlanta Drummer Yonrico Scott, 1955-2019

No Time Is a Good Time for Goodbyes

Many of my favorite drummers happen to be female. I don’t know why this is, like, if there’s some genetic makeup that somehow gives women a natural beat-keeping proficiency, or if I just enjoy watching them play more so than some hairy, shirtless, tattooed dude flinging sweat and attitude everywhere. I’ve noticed over the many… Continue reading No Time Is a Good Time for Goodbyes

Hit So Hard

Hit So Hard By Patty Schemel with Erin Hosier [Da Capo Press] If there was ever anyone from the grunge era who was more nakedly careerist that Courtney Love, it was Kurt Cobain. Cobain studiously constructed an anti-star persona that was form-fitted for the post college rock era and worked as a one-way ticket to… Continue reading Hit So Hard

January Marches to a Down Beat

Can’s drummer Jaki Liebezeit (second from right in this band photo) died of pneumonia on January 22nd. Born just before World War II began in Dresden, Germany, Liebezeit spent the postwar years playing jazz, including with Manfred Schoof’s Quintet, helping pioneer European free jazz. He subsequently helped form Can in 1968. While Can blazed their… Continue reading January Marches to a Down Beat