Golden Anniversary for The Grateful Dead’s Beauty

It could be strongly asserted that 1970 was The Grateful Dead’s banner year, if for no other reason than their two most revered and enduring albums were released within months of each other – Workingman’s Dead in June of ’70, and American Beauty the following November. The professional archivists at Rhino Records released a 50th… Continue reading Golden Anniversary for The Grateful Dead’s Beauty

Violets Highlights Picked for New Compilation

The Violets were an Athens rock band that played all over the place for a few years from the late ‘80s through early ‘90s but I don’t recall them releasing anything other than a 45 for their snarky anti-hippie tirade “I Hate the Grateful Dead,” which got some college radio airplay at the time (and… Continue reading Violets Highlights Picked for New Compilation

Jimmy Herring Plays a Numbers Game

Widespread Panic guitarist Jimmy Herring first came to the attention of Atlanta music fans as the guitarist for the Aquarium Rescue Unit back when Bruce Hampton’s then-new group was playing every week at the Little Five Points Pub and beginning to amass a dedicated following. Like many of that group’s other members, Herring went on… Continue reading Jimmy Herring Plays a Numbers Game

Hot Tuna

Golden State: Hot Tuna are Still Torching Stages Fifty Years In Guitarist, singer and songwriter Jorma Kaukonen and bassist Jack Casady formed Hot Tuna in 1969 while ascending with Jefferson Airplane. Currently with drummer Justin Guip, Hot Tuna is a raw and powerful electric rock ‘n’ blues beast. Although the “Rampage Years” of the ’70s… Continue reading Hot Tuna

Atlanta International Pop Festival 1969, Part 2

Things got better once Artigue and friends arrived at the Atlanta International Raceway – a place where like-minded outcasts gathered and, for one weekend only, cops turned a blind eye to unscrupulous behavior. “That was the first place I ever really got high on pot. I was trying hard in New Orleans, but that was… Continue reading Atlanta International Pop Festival 1969, Part 2

Fare Thee Well

Fare Thee Well: The Final Chapter of the Grateful Dead’s Long, Strange Trip By Joel Selvin, with Pamela Turley [Da Capo Press] “Deadhead approval…courting the Deadheads. Deadhead loyalty was a valuable commodity. They owed their status and power to Deadhead approval.” The Deadheads are what made The Grateful Dead. The same claim could be made… Continue reading Fare Thee Well

Mother American Night

Mother American Night: My Life in Crazy Times By John Perry Barlow, with Robert Greenfield [Crown Archetype] “All of a sudden, Hunter whirled on me and said, ‘Why don’t you write with him? At least you like him.’ And I said, ‘I don’t know that I know how to write songs.’ He said, ‘I’ve read… Continue reading Mother American Night

Je Suis France Vont Au Paradis

Looking at the cover of Je Suis France’s new digital album By the Condo, I fully expected a joke band. A good one, hopefully, like Rump Posse. Remember those guys? That shit was funny. Instead, jokes take a back seat to a more surrealistic approach. There are probably inside jokes hidden throughout the album (punk… Continue reading Je Suis France Vont Au Paradis


Altamont: The Rolling Stones, the Hells Angels, and the Inside Story of Rock’s Darkest Day By Joel Selvin [Dey Street/William Morrow] OK, I’m going to go ahead and assume that all you super-hip readers of Stomp and Stammer already have a pretty good idea of what went down at Altamont: A shitload of people showed… Continue reading Altamont

Bob Weir – Blue Mountain

From Misfit Power to Elder Statesman, Bob Weir’s life (and the aforementioned transformation) has been spent onstage. For the one person in history who has been either onstage and/or recorded more than any other person (prove me wrong), he has spent relatively little time in the studio. Blue Mountain, Weir’s first solo release in over… Continue reading Bob Weir – Blue Mountain