Brandon Cronenberg’s first feature as a writer/director was a thriller cultivated in a social satire about fans looking to share celebrity viruses – with 2012’s Antiviral adding a twist on body horror that was worthy of his father David’s earliest work. It seemed reasonable to expect some kind of proper comedy as a follow-up. Instead, Possessor is a sci-fi… Continue reading Possessor

White Boy Rick

Fact-based story of teenager Richard Wershe Jr. (Richie Merritt), who picks up his street-smart ways from his father, Richard Sr. (Matthew McConaughey). Richard Jr. starts selling guns under his father’s guidance and eventually becomes an undercover informant for the FBI during the 1980s. Not to give away any major spoiler alerts or anything, it’s pretty… Continue reading White Boy Rick


Whenever more than one or two film reviewers use the same phrase and talking points, I immediately recognize that either they are hoping to score points with a particular studio or director or they are lazy. “Intelligent sci-fi we’ve come to expect from director Alex Garland…” – yeah, the guy who had the unmitigated nerve to… Continue reading Annihilation


LBJ (2017) movie CR: Electric Entertainment

The span of three years was to some the pinnacle of western culture that bridged “finding Camelot” to Dealey Plaza! This Rob Reiner film covers the vice presidency of Lyndon Baines Johnson from the time of him being majority leader of a Senate that – once he decides to run against Kennedy for the Democrat presidential… Continue reading LBJ

Good Time

2017 is becoming one of those years for film, alongside 1939, 1962, and 1999. A few blocks past Mean Streets and around the corner from Fat Guy Goes Nutzoid is this gritty, synth-scored, doomed journey to nowhere that peals through dark alleys and over barbed wire into fairgrounds where hidden Sprite bottles full of LSD hinder… Continue reading Good Time