Levitation Announces First Wave of 2019 Acts

Forget South by Southwest, it burst at the seams years ago. Forget Austin City Limits, too – at this point it’s not noticeably different from most other interchangeable outdoor music festivals. Nah, Levitation is the Austin, Texas music fest that should be on your to-do list. (Assuming you dig cool music, that is.) Since its… Continue reading Levitation Announces First Wave of 2019 Acts

Nico 1988

There was no other voice like hers. Alluring in its detached European iciness, it seemed to reflect and radiate sadness, and yet it also evoked vulnerability and carried a strange soothing quality. Later in her life, after years of smoking, drugging and boozing had taken their toll, it could also unintentionally approximate the tortured moans… Continue reading Nico 1988

John Cale Expands His Fragments

John Cale’s 1992 live album Fragments of a Rainy Season will be reissued on December 9th, its original 20-song tracklisting expanded by an additional eight outtakes and alternate versions. Recorded during various tour dates that year, the album showcases Cale solo on acoustic guitar and piano, rendering stark, intimate versions of songs spanning his entire… Continue reading John Cale Expands His Fragments

Dead Can Dance

Waking Life: Dead Can Dance Reconnect with Their Ancient Pop Muse “We couldn’t categorize what we were doing, and we didn’t expect anyone else to,” Lisa Gerrard says about the early days of Dead Can Dance, the duo formed by her and Brendan Perry in 1981. And that could still apply, listening to Anastasis, the… Continue reading Dead Can Dance