The Bobby Lees

Energy In / Energy Out The Bobby Lees Get Skintight Sam Quartin, singer/guitarist for Woodstock, New York-based band The Bobby Lees, laughs as she recalls how she almost blew the chance for her band to work with Jon Spencer (of The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and Pussy Galore fame). “He emailed us randomly and asked… Continue reading The Bobby Lees

Jon Spencer

Jon Spencer Hit-Storm: Bluesy Funky Rockabilly Thrash Still Rules, Okay? “Set the Wayback Machine for Never,” proclaims Jon Spencer as he makes his proper solo debut on Jon Spencer Sings the Hits. That’s a pretty good line. It starts out as a rock-critic cliché and twists into a mocking manifesto for a notoriously self-aware artist.… Continue reading Jon Spencer

Baby Driver

Edgar Wright’s hypnotic, brain-throbbingly dreadful, pretentious rehash of Walter Hill’s The Driver for simpletons is soullessly presented as youngster fetishism in two tedious hours of fume-gulping set to “oldies.” Michael Mann merged motion to music thirty seven years ago on Miami Vice but that was to showcase “new” artists. Here, “Baby” (not his real name but he… Continue reading Baby Driver