February GA-Filmed Release/Premiere Dates

Clint Eastwood’s The 15:17 to Paris will be released on Feb. 9th… Marvel’s Black Panther hits theaters Feb. 16th… Game Night with Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams comes out Feb. 23rd… Beast of Burden, starring Daniel Radcliffe as a drug runner under intense pressure, opens in select theaters Feb. 23rd, along with VOD and digital… Continue reading February GA-Filmed Release/Premiere Dates

December GA-Filmed Release/Premiere Dates

Filmed in Savannah and starring Brooke Shields, Sterling Jerins, Iwan Rheon and Carrie Preston, Daisy Winters is supposed to open in a select few theaters on Dec. 1st… I, Tonya with Margot Robbie (pictured) and Sebastian Stan opens on Dec. 8th… Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, which partially filmed in Atlanta, opens on Dec. 20th, but… Continue reading December GA-Filmed Release/Premiere Dates

Thor: Ragnarok

The film opens with Thor battling Surtur, a fire demon, before discovering that his mischievous brother Loki has taken Odin’s place as King back on Asgard! Though not on par with Winter Soldier or the Guardians movies, this break-in-the-action superhero flick is predominately a comedy with a cast that John Waters would kill for (since… Continue reading Thor: Ragnarok

November GA-Filmed Release/Premiere Dates

A Bad Moms Christmas, starring a lot of fake snow on McLendon Ave., opens in theaters November 1st… You can see Thor: Ragnarok, which did some shoots in Atlanta, beginning the night of November 2nd… The second season of IFC’s Stan Against Evil premieres November 1st at 10 p.m. ET…

Al Pacino, Karl Urban Play Hangman

Director Johnny Martin, last in Atlanta overseeing Vengeance: A Love Story, is back in town to shoot a crime thriller titled Hangman. Al Pacino, Karl Urban and Brittany Snow star in the story of a homicide detective matching wits with a criminal profiler in an attempt to track down a serial killer whose crimes are… Continue reading Al Pacino, Karl Urban Play Hangman

Star Trek Beyond

The J.J. Abrams universe finally connects itself to the TV series – all of the TV series – from a mention of a “giant green hand” halting a Federation starship, to a war having occurred between the Zindi and the Romulans (referenced on Enterprise), and there is even a Jem’Hadar soldier visible as one of… Continue reading Star Trek Beyond

Star Trek Into Darkness

Star Trek Into Darkness isn’t one of those “everything you know is wrong” movies; it’s more of an “everything you don’t know about Star Trek and its spinoffs is bound to confuse you” movie. For that reason, and to avoid any spoilers, I’m not going to discuss the storyline or its villains other than to… Continue reading Star Trek Into Darkness