Star Trek Beyond

The J.J. Abrams universe finally connects itself to the TV series – all of the TV series – from a mention of a “giant green hand” halting a Federation starship, to a war having occurred between the Zindi and the Romulans (referenced on Enterprise), and there is even a Jem’Hadar soldier visible as one of the species lured to the barren planet where the USS Enterprise comes to rest! Three years into a five-year mission, Kirk is sent to rescue survivors of a wrecked ship but find his ship under attack from nano-miniature swarm ships that separate the nacelles and tear the ship apart, leaving the saucer on a crash course. It seems Federation nemesis, Krall, is out for vengeance but needs an ancient device that was stolen years ago and currently in Kirk’s possession. What sets this one apart is the introduction of a new character, Jaylah, who lives in a trashed Federation starship and the various team-ups of the crew, offering more screen time for Anton Yelchin in his final performance as Chekov, and Simon Pegg who co-wrote the script.