Mastodon to Release 20 Years of Rarities

Geez, has it really been 20 years since Mastodon first trudged onto the Earth? Indeed, it has, and to commemorate the milestone Reprise Records is releasing an album of rare recordings from the Atlanta-based bombardiers on Sept. 11. Medium Rarities includes a bevy of B-sides, soundtrack contributions, cover songs and other castoffs such as instrumental… Continue reading Mastodon to Release 20 Years of Rarities

Metallica Administers Beefed-Up Justice

Metallica might be totally mainstream/old hat nowadays, but there was a time when they were possibly the most exciting underground metal band in the land. It was with their self-titled fifth album (the “black” album) that Metallica thoroughly entered the safe zone of everyday MTV watchers, but it was actually the band’s previous album, 1988’s… Continue reading Metallica Administers Beefed-Up Justice