Lou Reed & Metallica – Lulu

Things I Have Experienced That I Hope I Never Have To Do Again (in order from not-so-bad to intolerable):

1. Live in Winder GA (it’s really not that bad).

2. Have an excruciating hangover.

3. Fly from Atlanta to Beijing sitting in coach.

4. Watch every episode of the final season of Seinfeld.

5. Bikram Yoga.

6. Spend New Year’s Eve standing in sub-freezing weather at Times Square.

7. Another Bush administration.

8. Run the Atlanta Marathon in the rain.

9. Pass second semester chemistry.

10. Watch Eyes Wide Shut in a theater.

11. Travel in Saudi Arabia.

12. Watch a TV show starting Zooey Deschanel.

13. Attend a Jessica Simpson “concert” (yes, I have seen one).

14. Have my favorite bass guitar stolen.

15. Get food poisoning while in a hotel on a business trip.

16. Get divorced.

17. Any Obama administration.

18. Listen to Lulu from beginning to end.

19. Get kicked in the nuts.

Lou Reed & Metallica
[Warner Bros.]