Idaho – People Like Us Didn’t Stop

Like many other insipid genre descriptors ending in “-core” that ran rampant in the ’90s, “slowcore” and “sadcore” personified the gloomy side of the early part of the decade via Low, Red House Painters and Codeine. Theirs was the music dimly lit environs were made for: guitars heavy with distortion; confessionalistic, often dour lyrical themes… Continue reading Idaho – People Like Us Didn’t Stop

The Queen is Still Dead

A newly remastered and expanded version of The Smiths’ finest long-player, The Queen is Dead, is slated for an October 20th release through Warner Bros./Rhino. Actually, make that three different deluxe editions coming out. A 3-CD/1-DVD version contains the newly remastered 1986 album, a disc of rare B-sides and previously unreleased demos, a third CD… Continue reading The Queen is Still Dead

Sister Crayon

She’s a Rainbow: Sister Crayon Colors Your Life Most encounters with Jehovah’s Witnesses happens in passing – interrupted weekend slumber, aggravating literature on your doorstep, metrosexual looking elders cycling around in pods of two or three. It’s profoundly troubling to grow up in such an oppressive denomination, especially one that frowns upon the celebration of holidays,… Continue reading Sister Crayon

Dead Confederate

Southern Men: Dead Confederate’s Ragged Glory If Neil Young is the Godfather of Grunge (along with a few other rock ‘n’ roll sub-genres), then Dead Confederate are among his (numerous) great-grandchildren. The lineage was evident long before the Athens band played their handful of shows as 2010 gasped its last breaths, covering Neil’s mid-70s cry-of-anguish… Continue reading Dead Confederate