Various Artists – 3×4

3x4 Album Cover

The careers of the bands at the heart of the Paisley Underground found very different trajectories soon after the Los Angeles movement’s early 1980s heyday. Rain Parade quickly splintered, spawning a bevy of solid projects (Opal, Mazzy Star, Viva Saturn) while The Bangles became multi-platinum icons. The Dream Syndicate made its own lunge at the… Continue reading Various Artists – 3×4

Speaking of the Paisley Underground…

The core of LA’s Paisley Underground movement always boiled down to the trippy Rain Parade and Dream Syndicate, and the poppier, more radio-ready Bangles (pictured) and Three O’Clock (I’d also toss Green on Red in there, but whatever….) Those four bands have conspired to hatch one of the more inspired tribute concepts in recent years.… Continue reading Speaking of the Paisley Underground…


Allah Glory: Amoeba Records Clerks Evolve Into Something Wonderful In 2012, bleary-eyed in the wee hours, trying to get to the finish line on yet another Stomp and Stammer, I was laying out a glowing record review for the Allah-Las’ debut album. The name intrigued me and the review made it sound like California garage… Continue reading Allah-Las