Speaking of the Paisley Underground…

The core of LA’s Paisley Underground movement always boiled down to the trippy Rain Parade and Dream Syndicate, and the poppier, more radio-ready Bangles (pictured) and Three O’Clock (I’d also toss Green on Red in there, but whatever….) Those four bands have conspired to hatch one of the more inspired tribute concepts in recent years.

3×4 features each band covering a song apiece from the other three. This means The Bangles try their hand at The Three O’Clock’s “Jet Fighter,” The Dream Syndicate tackles The Bangles’ “Hero Takes a Fall,” etc. Best of all, the song selection favors the earliest pages of the catalog, dating back to when The Bangles and Three O’Clock were still called The Bangs and Salvation Army. The Bangles have even brought back original bassist Annette Zilinskas.

Apparently the idea has been germinating since the four bands convened for a 2013 benefit concert. Yep Roc will issue collectors’ edition vinyl for Record Store Day’s Black Friday sale (November 23), with a broader release slated for January 11.