“The Protagonist” (John David Washington), a CIA operative, is recruited by a mysterious organization. His assignment: prevent Andrei Sator (Kenneth Branagh), a boilerplate villain with psychic abilities, from starting the next world war. To combat this threat, “The Protagonist” soon figures out the art of “time inversion.” While the action (if you’re into that) is… Continue reading Tenet

Good Time

2017 is becoming one of those years for film, alongside 1939, 1962, and 1999. A few blocks past Mean Streets and around the corner from Fat Guy Goes Nutzoid is this gritty, synth-scored, doomed journey to nowhere that peals through dark alleys and over barbed wire into fairgrounds where hidden Sprite bottles full of LSD hinder… Continue reading Good Time

The Lost City of Z

Initially sent as part of a surveying team to settle a border dispute in South America, explorer Percival Fawcett (played by Charlie Hunnam, who was Jax Teller on Sons of Anarchy), is more concerned with redeeming his family name at the turn of the last century. Over the decades, however, he travels back and forth between the… Continue reading The Lost City of Z