Rains in Forecast for Death Valley Girls

The dadgum remarkable Death Valley Girls are gearing up to bestow their next album upon us. Darkness Rains hits your local tone vendor Oct. 5, courtesy of Suicide Squeeze Records. For a savory taste, check out the video for “Disaster (Is What We’re After),” wherein Iggy Pop devours a hamburger without getting any ketchup in… Continue reading Rains in Forecast for Death Valley Girls

Cover Me

Cover Me: The Stories Behind the Greatest Cover Songs of All Time By Ray Padgett [Sterling Publishing] The term “cover songs” comes from record labels covering their bets. If a song by some artist was a hit, then when asked if a label had a particular popular song, they could say, “We’ve got it covered,”… Continue reading Cover Me

Awesome Mess-Around Lineup Announced

The Atlanta Mess-Around moved this year from its usual springtime slot to the Canadian tuxedo-appropriate weekend of Oct. 26-28. Waiting an extra six months or so will totally seem worth it when legends, local friends and familiar out-of-town faces gather for the East Atlanta Village’s annual celebration of rock ‘n’ roll. The lineups for both… Continue reading Awesome Mess-Around Lineup Announced

John Wesley Harding – Greatest Other People’s Hits

Nearly everything one first learns about John Wesley Harding suggests the man in a smart-aleck. A folky troubadour transplanted long ago from Hastings, England to the U.S., the man born Wesley Stace adopted a stage name taken from one of Bob Dylan’s most celebrated releases. (Some years ago he also released an album that waggishly… Continue reading John Wesley Harding – Greatest Other People’s Hits

The Black Angels

Scraping Chunks From the Bells: The Black Angels Are the Best Part of the Trip The Black Angels are reliable purveyors of a modern rethink of ’60s psychedelia. The Austin group’s updated approach is a kind of tribal psych, heavy on droning, hypnotic and irresistible tunes. The group is poised to release Death Song, its… Continue reading The Black Angels