Awesome Mess-Around Lineup Announced

The Atlanta Mess-Around moved this year from its usual springtime slot to the Canadian tuxedo-appropriate weekend of Oct. 26-28. Waiting an extra six months or so will totally seem worth it when legends, local friends and familiar out-of-town faces gather for the East Atlanta Village’s annual celebration of rock ‘n’ roll.

The lineups for both evening’s main events at the EARL include psychedelic rock god Roky Erickson and jagged New York no-wavers Bush Tetras the evening of Oct. 26, with late ‘70s Belfast punks Protex and the delightfully different Death Valley Girls capping off the festivities on Oct. 27.

Other touring acts announced include British garage rocker Dan Melchior, Sunday dunch regular Greg Cartwright and Country Westerns – featuring Joseph Plunkett, a longtime Gentleman Jesse bandmate and our favorite Nashville bar investor not named Alan Jackson.

As for the locals, the initial list of bands includes tried-and-true acts Gentleman Jesse, DINOS Boys, and G.G. King. Sensible picks, as it wouldn’t seem like a Mess-Around without Jesse, and you can’t throw an Atlanta-hosted rock ‘n’ roll party without Chase from DINOS Boys’ involvement. Those two and their friends and bandmates have worked hard over the years to put their city on the punk rock map, so it’s only right that they’ll perform sometime between your Friday afternoon arrival at Gaja (that’s right – the day shows have moved there this year) and the moment when you lose your shit over hearing “Don’t Ring Me Up” in person.