Laughing Hyenas Getting Re-Waxed

Third Man Records will be doing the world a great favor in 2018 by reissuing the entire recorded catalog of the seriously untamed Ann Arbor-born hardcore punk-blooze-noize band Laughing Hyenas. Originally released between 1987 and 1995 on Touch and Go Records, the tracklistings of the band’s EPs and LPs will be augmented by a modest… Continue reading Laughing Hyenas Getting Re-Waxed


One Man’s Trash: Butch Vig Talks Garbage, Producing, Drumming, and His Scrappy Midwestern Roots Looking back at it, Garbage seem like one of the unlikeliest success stories of the 1990s. Granted, by mid-decade drummer Butch Vig had made a solid name for himself in the music industry – but primarily as a producer of some… Continue reading Garbage

Man or Astro-man?

All Systems to Go: Man or Astro-man? Returns, Neither Old Nor Bloated It’s not that it was so surprising that the core members of Man or Astro-man? decided to take the spaceman jumpsuits, Tesla coil and other getups and gizmos out of storage and get the crew back together. It’s kind of become the established… Continue reading Man or Astro-man?