Laughing Hyenas Getting Re-Waxed

Third Man Records will be doing the world a great favor in 2018 by reissuing the entire recorded catalog of the seriously untamed Ann Arbor-born hardcore punk-blooze-noize band Laughing Hyenas.

Originally released between 1987 and 1995 on Touch and Go Records, the tracklistings of the band’s EPs and LPs will be augmented by a modest handful of extra tracks including one called “Save Me Tomorrow” that has never seen the light of day ’til now. Each record will include previously unseen photos, images of show flyers and testimonials/anecdotes from the likes of Butch Vig, Allyson Baker (Dirty Ghosts) and others. Thurston Moore, for instance, calls the Hyenas “one of the defining jewels in this era.”

They’ll put some hair on your tender little indie gonads, at least.