St. Vincent Centers Sleater-Kinney

In an intriguing and potentially glorious pairing, Sleater-Kinney enlisted St. Vincent to produce their next album, The Center Won’t Hold. Drummer Janet Weiss speculates that, for guitarist/vocalists Carrie Brownstein and Corin Tucker, it was “liberating to explore a different sound palette. “Annie (St. Vincent) has a lot of experience building her own music with keyboards… Continue reading St. Vincent Centers Sleater-Kinney

Chris Shiflett

Back & Forth: With a Cali Punk Pedigree and a Longstanding Gig as Foo Fighters’ Lead Guitarist, Chris Shiflett is Now Being Hailed as a Rising Country Rocker For nearly 20 years, Chris Shiflett of the Foo Fighters has reigned as one of the last gun-slinging lead guitarists standing in mainstream rock. As a West… Continue reading Chris Shiflett


What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been: The Melvins’ Walk with Love and Death Sure, the Melvins are a strange band. They have beaten the odds and defied expectations so many times over that the absurdities of their very existence seem to have become givens and granteds, mundane even. I mean, who would’ve thought that… Continue reading Melvins

Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl

Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl By Carrie Brownstein [Riverhead/Penguin Books] Sure, I know it’s tiresome to say that a quasi-celebrity has parlayed their notoriety to become a “brand,” but that’s exactly what Sleater-Kinney’s Carrie Brownstein has done in the last decade or so. So what is the Brownstein brand, you ask? The Brownstein brand… Continue reading Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl

Lindsay Fuller

Her, Lindsay Fuller: How a Seattle Recluse Broke out of Home and Americana Start by assuming Lindsay Fuller is smarter than her surroundings. Her official bio, for example, is pretty melodramatic for a gal who grew up in a wealthy suburb of Birmingham, Alabama. The new You, Anniversary, we’re told, is Lindsay making “her peace… Continue reading Lindsay Fuller

Sleater-Kinney – No Cities to Love

One of the compelling storylines behind No Cities To Love is how Sleater-Kinney managed to keep its reunion a complete secret until well after recording was completed. This feat becomes even more stunning once you hear the trio’s eighth album, which virtually demands to be heard both musically and lyrically. In the nearly ten years… Continue reading Sleater-Kinney – No Cities to Love

Melvins – Everybody Loves Sausages

So why wouldn’t it be a good idea for a veteran band to make an album of covers showcasing its influences? Wasn’t The Ramones’ Acid Eaters great? Who doesn’t cherish Styx’s audacious covers of The Who and Hendrix on 2005’s Big Bang Theory? And wasn’t it cool when Cheap Trick performed the entirety of Sgt.… Continue reading Melvins – Everybody Loves Sausages

Mudhoney – Vanishing Point

At first it may seem crazy that a crash-and-burn act like Mudhoney has proven so durable. Over 25 years into its career, the band has long since established its reputation as progenitors of protozoan proto-grunge, whether they like it or not. And anyway, Mudhoney was always something of a retro assemblage. Sure, their garage sound… Continue reading Mudhoney – Vanishing Point

The Posies – Blood/Candy

The Posies Blood/Candy [Rykodisc] The last time I interviewed Ken Stringfellow – he being half of The Posies – he was about to tour behind a solo album while leaving his newborn child with a nanny on an island off the coast of France. Coincidentally, my unattended one-year-old had rolled off the bed that same… Continue reading The Posies – Blood/Candy