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Rape Victim Child Custody Drama Films in Atlanta

Based on the true story of Analyn Megison, the Lifetime TV movie You Can’t Take My Daughter begins production in Atlanta this week, lasting through early November. Now an advocate for rape survivors and their children, Megison was allegedly raped at age 29 while working for the governor of Louisiana as a special assistant on women’s policy. Becoming pregnant as a result of the attack, Megison chose to give birth to her daughter. Then several years later, her alleged rapist – who was never convicted – attempted to claim custody of her child, resulting in a two-year court battle (which Megison won). Lyndsy Fonseca (Agent Carter, How I Met Your Mother, CW’s Nikita, pictured), Kirstie Alley, Hunter Burke (TNT’s Claws), Michael Woods (various soap operas) and Tia Hendricks are starring in the tense drama film.