Shining Sequel to Spook Atlanta

Doctor Sleep, a feature film adaptation of Stephen King’s followup to The Shining, will shoot in Atlanta from late September through mid December. Ewan McGregor will star as a grown up Danny Torrence (the “Redrum!” kid), who carries the trauma of the Overlook Hotel into his adulthood, becoming a reflection of his father. Rebecca Ferguson (Ilsa from the recent Mission: Impossible movies) will play the head of a cult that feeds off the “steam” of young people with the “shining.” Carl Lumbly (The CW’s Supergirl), Alex Essoe (Midnighters, Starry Eyes) and Zahn McClarnon (Westworld, Longmire) will also star in the horror sequel, which will reportedly be faithful to King’s 2013 book, unlike Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, which King called a “poor adaptation.” Yeah, well, The Shining is also the best movie based on one of his books, whether that grumpy old hack likes it or not. Mike Flanagan (Oculus, The Haunting of Hill House) will direct, and Jack Nicholson needs to at least have a cameo.