Alien: Covenant

I’ve never hidden the fact that I truly despise James Cameron’s Aliens movie because it’s filled with stupidity, such as well-trained marines entering a hot zone without the necessary intel to determine whether or not they can fire their weapons! Covenant has quite a few similar blunders. A postscript in one of the letters from The Donner Party was the warning, “Never take no cut-offs, and hurry along as fast as you can,” but nobody on the crew of the Covenant, an interstellar colonization vessel, heeded those sentiments. After a neutrino burst damages the solar sails, the presiding synthetic guardian named Walter wakes the core crew who immediately intercept a radio transmission of a John Denver song. (This is about the third time this year John Denver has been used as a plot device in a feature movie, i.e. Free Fire.) What appears to be a sustainable Earth-like planet is relatively close by, meaning their seven-year journey to Origae-6 would be shortened. Now if you never saw Ridley Scott’s Prometheus about the search for The Engineers, or the ancient astronauts who it was believed had created mankind, then you will be entirely lost in this sequel, since Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) had embarked to find these “originators” at the end of that film. But, all things considered, humanity has taken a step backward, as evidenced in this film how humans (specifically science-oriented humans) make mistake after mistake along the way, like descending a vessel housing a thousand embryos (or, the future of human colonization) into a raging plasma storm! Or, following a person who has just been shown to sympathize with an alien lifeform into the bowels of a crumbling structure where there is a nest of alien eggs! And when, in god’s green snot will someone in one of these science fiction films learn to NEVER let an infected person back onboard the spaceship, regardless of what they mean to you or plead their case???!! It must be said that actor Michael Fassbender does a remarkable job here (as he did in Prometheus), and is the sole reason to see this movie!