Christopher Robin

A dull, all-grown-up adult version of A.A. Milne’s classic children’s character Christopher Robin (named after his real life son, Christopher Milne Robin) (brought to life on screen beautifully by Ewan McGregor) is all work (at the Winslow Luggage Co.) and no play these days. He’s lost sight of what really matters in life – his wife Evelyn (Hayley Atwell) and his daughter Madeline (Bronte Carmichael). He even blows a fun and relaxing weekend away with his wife and daughter at their cottage in Sussex (based on A.A. Milne’s real-life property there and where the Hundred Acre Woods poems and stories originated) (such wonderful detail to the source material here!) to work on a deadline for his overbearing, exploitative, do-nothing boss, Giles Winslow (Mark Gatiss). But it’s while his family is away that Robin starts to change his ways after an unexpected visit from an old forgotten friend from his childhood’s past – Winnie the Pooh. While this movie is not for everyone (I don’t see a negative/grouchy person digging it), fans of A.A. Milne or even just the Disney version of Winnie the Pooh will love this new addition to the canon of the Hundred Acre Wood mythos. It will make them laugh, cry, and think fondly back to a simpler time: their childhood.