My Entire High School Sinking Into the Sea

Among a student body of 900, Dash, Assaf and Verti might sound like a legal firm but are actually the sophomore reporters for the student-run newspaper. Considered of little to no value because it’s FREE, and because its subject matter consists of advising freshman to bring their own lunch, while serving detention Dash scours the school archives, discovering that the newly constructed auditorium is not up to earthquake code, and the school principal is fully aware of the situation. But before he can act, the fault line shifts, resulting in a crisis of Poseidon Adventure proportions as surviving underclassmen struggle to reach the senior floor above. This animated “disaster flick” features a strob-o-scopic epilepsy warning due to its liquid lightshow effects as well as Lena Dunham’s voice! Also featuring Jason Schwartzman and Susan Sarandon as Lorraine the lunch lady!