Hardcore Henry

Hoo-hah, and an alright now! Based on a music video for Russian director Ilya Naishuller’s rock band, this ultra-manic, GoPro shaky cam extravaganza owes a debt to Robert Montgomery’s ’40s noir, The Lady in the Lake which was shot POV without the audience seeing the lead except as a reflection in a mirror. More feel good thuggery for the Bourne set, as this earthquake fueled by bath salts erupts into massive carnage and destruction. Resurrected from the dead, Henry awakens to his wife refitting robotic appendages to his beleaguered torso so that he can re-enter the fray to stop mysterious forces and a rogue scientist from reactivating a super-soldier program. Repetitive action scenes contribute a recurring avatar sidekick played by Sharlto Copley giving guidance and assistance as Henry runs afoul of an onslaught of militia, and somewhere in the turmoil, the credits claim Tim Roth appears in the movie!