Master Z: Ip Man Legacy

Humbled by his defeat for the title of grandmaster of Wing Chun in Ip Man 3, Cheung Tin Chi (Max Zhang) takes his son Cheung Fung into hiding as a grocery man having forsaken martial arts. But whenever that happens, some creep always manages to pull a guy back into the fray. This time it’s a local gangster wannabe, Tso Sai Kit (Kevin Cheng), who runs an opium den. Ip Man (Donnie Yen) is not around but the film is shot as though it’s Streets of Fire with neon reflected off damp streets and Cheung’s life mirroring John Wick with a stick or two! It features Michelle Yeoh in an impressive wrist-wrestling match over serving drinks, and Dave Bautista as an unstompable “foreigner” who loves steaks!