Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

From the writers of Neighbors, with that title what do you expect it to be about other than two screw-ups who must comply with family wishes for them to bring dates to their sister’s Hawaiian wedding? It’s a demand to reign in the Stangle brothers’ notorious horn-dogging, silly, inbred, fraternity brother-like antics which of course, implodes once the guys go on The Wendy Williams Show and meet Aubrey Plaza and Anna Kendrick looking for a paid trip to Hawaii! OK, already, the trouble with all of these lurid, lewd rom-coms wanting to push the limits of decency is they do not go far enough to be funny! Its basic premise is “anything you can do, I can do more extreme!,” which does not play in the girls’ favor, but sure ’nuff, they come across wilder than the guys! Zac Efron and third wheel Adam DeVine are pathetic, Anna Kendrick always looks as if she has rickets and only Aubrey Plaza is convincing even though she probably uses a body double for her last scene!