Child’s Play

Seldom is movie remake, especially in the horror genre, ever better than the original. They’re generally hollowed out shells of the source material, or completely different, or just end up being tawdry disappointments engineered to capture a new generation of viewers (and that usually doesn’t work out either – they’re duds, no one cares). But… Continue reading Child’s Play

Ingrid Goes West

The call of the west has been replaced by the internet-obsessed, as Ingrid Thorburn follows Instagram celebrities to the point of restraining orders. After she disrupts a wedding for someone she doesn’t even know, Ingrid is institutionalized before using her inheritance to move across the country and rent a house on the coast – Venice Beach,… Continue reading Ingrid Goes West

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

From the writers of Neighbors, with that title what do you expect it to be about other than two screw-ups who must comply with family wishes for them to bring dates to their sister’s Hawaiian wedding? It’s a demand to reign in the Stangle brothers’ notorious horn-dogging, silly, inbred, fraternity brother-like antics which of course, implodes… Continue reading Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates