A shift from a megalomaniac lifestyle renders goddess worship null in this thinly-veiled Book of Genesis clutter that ignites the circus with the propane in Darren Aronofsky’s second pulverized Biblical picture (three years ago he did Noah). Javier Bardem plays Him, a poet drowsy from one bacchanal too many which strains his relationship with Jennifer Lawrence as Mother Nature, the nurturing wife who’s renovating his ancestral home which was engulfed in flame years earlier, leaving behind a crystalline stone that he has literally put on a pedestal. When a Man (Ed Harris) knocks on their door, is invited in to stay and is soon joined by his wife (Michelle Pfeiffer), it becomes obvious they are intruding on paradise (Eden?) After their sons (Cain and Abel?) arrive, so do their many sins as the sociopathic guest list continues to grow. Is it supposed to be silly or serious or just painfully repugnant? Trouble is, it wants to be all that and more. Heavy-handed art-house shit.