The Girl on the Train

Never has so little been so intriguing, as the basic setup is that three neighbors are connected by a common denominator. Emily Blunt plays Rachel, a divorcee with a drinking problem who irrationally cannot move beyond her obsession with her ex, Tom, who has married Anna Boyd (Rebecca Ferguson), a woman from his office. Passively, Rachel rides the rails daily, observing the houses and their perfect inhabitants, as she is drawn to one in particular: the younger Megan (Haley Bennett) who seems to be in the perfect relationship. Megan is Anna’s nanny until she abruptly quits and goes missing. This attempt to compartmentalize the three women in their mundane though intricate lives leads to a visceral contempt for each that is deceptively disjointed. After the abduction is witnessed, Rachel injects herself into the investigation, bringing unwarranted attention to her blackouts from drinking and ulterior motives with the other women’s husbands.