Brian Jonestown Massacre Make a Good LP

After an eight-year flurry of disjointed releases that were long on musical experimentation and exploration but often lacking in memorable tunes, The Brian Jonestown Massacre step up to the plate and knock a grand slam with their latest.

Set for release on October 28th, Third World Pyramid shimmers with the hypnotic, druggy, chiming psychedelic rock that so thoroughly blew our minds on their ‘90s albums and singles. It’s their best since 2001’s Bravery, Repetition and Noise (the one with Jim Jarmusch on the cover), but naturally, being The Brian Jonestown Massacre, nobody that played on that particular album aside from Anton Newcombe is even in the lineup anymore. But founding member Ricky Maymi is with them, having rejoined the sect in 2003, as is our favorite mutton-chopped tambourine wacker, Joel Gion. Nice female vocals from Tess Parks and Katy Lane, plus the presence of Emil Nikolaisen of Serena-Maneesh, add variety. If you sorta lost track of the BJM of late, or lost consciousness altogether, Third World Pyramid is a terrific point of re-entry.