The Hurricane Heist

This is precisely the type of movie that keeps me going to the theater! It’s a disaster flick, it’s a heist movie, it’s a sick, kickass, over-the-alps assault flick all rolled into one! The brain-blowing plot has Maggie Grace (TV’s Lost/Taken) as an ATF agent who goes looking for a repairman during a Category 5 Gulfport. Alabama hurricane (tagged “Tammy”!) when a federal mint suffers a breakdown. Boozer bro Breeze (Ryan Kwanten from True Blood) and his kid brother, Will (Toby Kebbell), have a strained relationship ever since they witnessed their daddy die during Hurricane Andrew when a silo rolled over on him! Now it’s up to them to stop the bad guys from robbing this local branch of the US Treasury of $600 million in old money scheduled to be shredded. Gifted British actor Ben Cross speaks fluent moonshine like he’s imitating Barney Fife’s replacement. At one point, Will launches hubcaps as hurricane-weaponized shurikens, and Timothy McVeigh is mentioned as the inspiration for using a fertilizer bomb!!!! A secret artillery is met with astonishment as Breeze comments, “Well, I am from Alabama” in this unbelievable film from Rob Cohen (who directed the original 2001 The Fast and the Furious) destined to end up on Crackle.