The Last Vermeer

In John Frankenheimer’s 1964 film The Train, French Resistance hopes to stop a train filled with art treasures without damaging the cargo. In director Dan Friedkin’s The Last Vermeer, former Dutch Resistance fighter Joseph Piller (Claes Bang) roots out the collaborators who stole from Jews to benefit the Nazis as the debris of world war settles. When it comes to light that a priceless Vermeer painting has been found among Hermann Goring’s possessions, Joseph follows the trail to art dealer Han van Meegeren (Guy Pearce), a sub-par Dutch Renaissance man and lothario of somewhat dubious loyalties. Life under the occupation becomes the focus in a trial to determine whether he has profiteered at the expense of his fellow countrymen or his actions were patriotically motivated to dent the enemy’s massive war effort. An intriguing setup which leaves us incomplete wanting to see the full scope of Meegeren’s antics for ourselves.