The Last Vermeer

In John Frankenheimer’s 1964 film The Train, French Resistance hopes to stop a train filled with art treasures without damaging the cargo. In director Dan Friedkin’s The Last Vermeer, former Dutch Resistance fighter Joseph Piller (Claes Bang) roots out the collaborators who stole from Jews to benefit the Nazis as the debris of world war settles.… Continue reading The Last Vermeer


August 12, 1945. As Arpad and Kisrozxsi prepare to marry, Japan is being bombed and the Soviets are poised at the Manchurian border. Hungarian postwar trepidation centers on two Orthodox Jews, the Samuels, who’ve returned to the village accompanying two trunks which may or may not contain perfume and cosmetics to restock their pharmacy which, along with… Continue reading 1945

The King’s Choice

Expecting Norwegian neutrality to accede to German occupation, Berlin orders ships through Norwegian defense and demands surrender after British and French ships mine the water to prevent iron shipments. The constitutionally elected monarch, King Haakson VII (Jesper Christensen, who plays Mr. White in the Bond films) leaves Oslo accompanied by his wife, Queen Maud, and the… Continue reading The King’s Choice