All Them Witches Get Idealistic

Nashville psych-rock band All Them Witches return to action on Sept. 4 with a new 8-song platter titled Nothing as the Ideal, via longtime label New West. Recorded at Abbey Road Studios, it’s their first album since shrinking to a trio following the departure of keyboardist Jonathan Draper, who very briefly replaced original keyboardist Allan Van Cleave for a few months in 2018.

The album’s lead track, “Saturnine & Iron Jaw,” has been released via online outlets as an advance taste. Approaching like an eerie, ambient old Pink Floyd fog, it subsequently lurches into a chunky rock flare-up that puts to rest any inklings of premature infirmity. If the balance of the album lives up to the promise of this glimpse, they could easily redeem themselves after 2018’s lazy, haphazard ATW. Here’s hoping…

Photo by Joe Charlton.