Wreckless Eric Recovering After Really Shite Spring

Please keep Eric Goulden in your thoughts. The rascally British singer-songwriter, better known to most as Wreckless Eric, endured a rather frightful spring, starting with a persistent bout of the Wu-Tang Flu beginning in mid-March. On top of that, three days before his 66th birthday on May 18, during a visit with friends in the New York State countryside Eric started to feel seriously unwell and was rushed to a hospital by his wife, singer-songwriter Amy Rigby, where it was discovered he was having a heart attack.

“The heart attack was brought about by the COVID-19 virus,” Goulden later explained in an extensive – and at times characteristically humorous – series of posts about the ordeal on his Blogspot diary. “My lung power was substantially decreased which meant blood wasn’t being oxygenated, so it started to clot. Lack of oxygen and subsequent thickening of the blood puts a huge strain on the heart.”

Thankfully, after surgery installing three stents in his heart, and a subsequent period of quarantined recovery, Eric is back home with Amy in upstate New York, in all likelihood more thankful than ever to be alive.

“If I’m honest I sometimes feel vaguely traumatized at the thought of it all, especially that I was offered the services of a chaplain which makes me wonder how close I may have been to popping my clogs,” he confessed in a May 28 blog post. “People say it must have been a terrifying experience but I never once felt frightened while it was all going on. I think that’s down to the people who cared for me in the hospital. I can’t thank them enough.”