Bat For Lashes Goes Missing on New Album

When last we heard from Bat For Lashes, Natasha Khan was a bride mourning the loss of her husband-to-be, whose death in a car accident ended their marriage before it began. Come Sept. 6, she’ll reemerge with Bat for Lashes’ fifth album, Lost Girls (AWAL Recordings).

Like Two Suns before it, Lost Girls showcases Khan’s flair for the character study. Instead of the volatile Pearl or the bereaved betrothed, she assumes the guise of the young Nikki Pink and the posse of the female bikers she inhabits, all together adrift in the lonesome crowded West. A press release that accompanied Two Suns touched upon Khan’s “mystical, desert-born spiritual self.” It was the California desert that summoned her when Lost Girls first formed, and off to Los Angeles she went.

Khan is at her most intriguing in the identities she creates ,and the listener connects with them from the start. She has a boundless creative spirit, slipping in out of the personas she creates and imbuing her songs with exotic sensuality. If Lost Girls’ first single, “Kids in the Dark,” is any indication, we’re in for another accomplished album imbued with exotic sensuality. Bat For Lashes’ concerts are a wonder to behold, so here’s hoping there’s an Atlanta date booked on her next tour.

Photo by Logan White.