Illiterates: Waylaid by Tirades

Overlapping ironies inform the riffs and rage of LA and Atlanta-based punks illiterates: the folks in charge seriously need to read a history book, yet they probably think of us as the unlearned masses.

From the sound of things, Baby Robot Media bosses and transplanted Californians Steve Albertson (vocals) and Steve LaBate (guitar) and the, heh, Atlanta rhythm section of Ryan Sloan (drums) and Jesse Cole (bass) blend West Coast punk tradition with socio-political rage, born right here in the Bible Belt.

The latest fruits of these righteous labors, Goddamn Gun-Toting Junkie Camaro Enthusiasts, was recorded in two days by Ed Rawls and Justin McNeight – a go-to team for Deerhunter, Black Lips, The Coathangers and numerous others – at Atlanta’s The Living Room.

Such snarky rants as “Beer Commercial” – think Rodney Anonymous of The Dead Milkmen’s over-the-top tirades, had he come of age in Cobb County –champion the little guy who’s been sold a bill of goods by local ministers and politicians. It’s a constructive way of dealing with conflicting feelings about the South, as opposed to certain people’s self-righteous internet hissy fits about why they’re so glad they never, ever leave the perfection-pissing perimeter. Good thing Dr. King didn’t think he’d melt if he crossed the state line into Alabama.