Rod Hamdallah Crawls Back with New Single

I realize they’re still not havin’ shows at your usual rock ‘n’ roll hangouts, but local blues joints Blind Willie’s and the Northside Tavern ain’t scared’a no Wu-Tang Flu, having opened their stages back to stompin’ a month back or more. And local workhorse Rod Hamdallah’s been gettin’ busy on both of ‘em. I caught… Continue reading Rod Hamdallah Crawls Back with New Single

The Humms Count Down to Vampire Hours

It’s been ten years since The Humms were a’suckin’ on your brain juice through a cactus straw with their debut album, Lemonland. That far-out freakout established the Athens band’s no-boundaries nature, playing like a weekend at an all-encompassing ‘60s rock festival where there’s hippie country tunes over here, a groovy beat combo in the other… Continue reading The Humms Count Down to Vampire Hours

L.A. Witch

Fire Spirits L.A. Witch Reappear, Packing Heat For many bands that find success with their debut album, the notorious “sophomore slump” is a real worry. For the members of garage/psych rock trio L.A. Witch – singer/guitarist Sade Sanchez, bassist Irita Pai, and drummer Ellie English – making their second full-length album seemed like an especially… Continue reading L.A. Witch

Death Valley Girls Dive Into the Cosmic

It seems like just yesterday we were just watching Iggy scarf down that burger in a Warhol homage, but Death Valley Girls already back with a fresh missive, and it represents a mind-glowing, soul-blowing expansion into the transcendental. “There is a lot to be really angry about in the world,” acknowledges vocalist/guitarist/organist Bonnie Bloomgarden, “but… Continue reading Death Valley Girls Dive Into the Cosmic

Nude Party at Midnight Manor, and You’re Invited!

Cheer up, young buckaroo, things aren’t all bad – New West Records is putting out The Nude Party’s sophomore album on October 2nd! The 12-song Midnight Manor was recorded live-to-tape by the band in upstate New York, and will be available on digital, CD and an assortment of vinyl varieties, including a signed orange marble… Continue reading Nude Party at Midnight Manor, and You’re Invited!

Burger Records Buried Under Sexual Misconduct Allegations

The sudden collapse of Burger Records dumped yet another dismal steaming layer onto the ever-growing turd pile that is 2020. That it had nothing to do with COVID-19 or the ensuing and ongoing government-imposed economic shutdowns makes it even tougher to take. No, Fullerton, California-based Burger and several of the bands associated with the label… Continue reading Burger Records Buried Under Sexual Misconduct Allegations

The Woggles Enlist Little Steven for Single

The Woggles played selected dates last year alternating Graham Day and Atlanta’s Shane Pringle (Tiger! Tiger!) on guitar, following the heartbreaking loss of Jeff Walls to pancreatic cancer in May 2019. But when they went into the studio this past February to track a couple of songs for a new single, they enlisted the services… Continue reading The Woggles Enlist Little Steven for Single

L.A. Witch Gets Lit

Well hallelujah, baby! After holing themselves up to write and record new material early this year, L.A. Witch have done finished work on their second full-length album. A volatile concoction of garage rock, punk, blues, country and psychedelia, Play With Fire will scorch the earth August 14, when Suicide Squeeze releases it on vinyl, CD,… Continue reading L.A. Witch Gets Lit

Sutt’s Letters – First Collection

There I was, minding my own business, when I was hit head-on by a motorized rickshaw clean into neon meat dream. While there, I was fed a variety of exotic luxuries on dinner plates, each course flowing parallel to final digestion but existing separately as a holistic delight. I was told to internalize every microbyte,… Continue reading Sutt’s Letters – First Collection

Country Westerns

Fresh Spaces, Familiar Faces: Country Westerns Saddle Up in East Nashville Familiar faces abound for Atlanta folks visiting Nashville. Drop by Joey Plunket’s spot for light bites and hard liquor, Duke’s, and you’ll not just see the former Gentleman Jesse and The Weight member but also longtime Black Lips tour manager Matt Williams – if… Continue reading Country Westerns

Chrome Castle Drop the Mics

Chrome Castle take the groovy sounds of ‘60s garage stomp, ‘80s college rock, cosmic country and gently shimmering psychedelia and strip out the vocal cords, rendering instrumental concoctions that are expressive in their simple ways, ultimately leaving the meaning up to the listener. The Atlanta quartet’s self-titled debut album on Midnight Cruiser Records offers a… Continue reading Chrome Castle Drop the Mics

Georgia Dish Boys Bring the Stage to You

Athens band Georgia Dish Boys’ Good Country Livin’ was one of the more challenging and rewarding studio albums released in 2019 by an in-state act.  The band follows it up Feb. 7 with Live in Classic Town, an unapologetically Southern, genre-defiant set of songs recorded at the Caledonia Lounge. On some songs, such as “Put My Records On,”… Continue reading Georgia Dish Boys Bring the Stage to You

The Black Lips – The Black Lips Sing in a World That’s Falling Apart

The Black Lips Sing in a World That’s Falling Apart sounds way more cohesive than any of the band’s albums since 2007’s Good Bad Not Evil. This newfound creative focus comes from a country theme that ups the twang without usurping the band’s long-running garage-punk formula. Instead of going the Ween route and completely changing… Continue reading The Black Lips – The Black Lips Sing in a World That’s Falling Apart

Subsonics and the Re-Telling of It

The cool cats behind Brazilian garage rock/punk label Mandinga Records are big, big fans of the Subsonics… so much so that they’re releasing a four-song 7” tribute to the durable Atlanta trio this month, with a full tribute album currently slated to follow sometime in 2020. Dubbed You Didn’t Think We Could Take It!, the… Continue reading Subsonics and the Re-Telling of It

Modern Vices – If Only

Brazen indie troupe Modern Vices gives us another take from the DIY Chicago catalog with If Only. The band broke into the scene in 2014 with their self-titled debut. Championing a reverb-drenched garage sound which they dubbed “dirty doo wop,” they were able to make something completely unique to them. That was five years ago… Continue reading Modern Vices – If Only

Shantih Shantih See the Light

Among our favorite Atlanta music makers since their 2013 formation, Shantih Shantih encompass a bewitching swirl of elements, among them groovy garage rock, hazy dream-pop, quirky neo-psychedelic flourishes, girl group-style backing harmonies, occasional early rock ‘n’ roll-inspired guitar bursts (Anna Kramer’s doing, no doubt) and an overall aura of timeless cool. Their second album, Someone,… Continue reading Shantih Shantih See the Light

Bleached – Don’t You Think You’ve Had Enough?

Bleached, the creative outlet of guitar-slinging sisters Jennifer and Jessica Clavin, now resides in the public consciousness. The band’s song “Waiting By the Telephone” blares in a current Toyota commercial – the one that co-stars Jennifer and uncomfortably likens band dads to groupies. The poppy punk throwback might secretly sound kind of alright to those averse… Continue reading Bleached – Don’t You Think You’ve Had Enough?

Muffs, Pandoras, Friggs Members Form The Coolies

Kim Shattuck already relaunched The Pandoras with Melanie Vammen a few years ago, resulting in the absolutely wonderful Hey! It’s the Pandoras mini-LP in 2018. Now Shattuck and Vammen have teamed up with Palmyra Delran of The Friggs to form the hottest new all-girl supergroup in the known universe: The Coolies! Not to be confused… Continue reading Muffs, Pandoras, Friggs Members Form The Coolies

Gringo Star Fire Off a Live Album

Few bands from anywhere have adjusted to lineup changes and survived nonstop touring as gracefully as Gringo Star. In fact, brothers and band co-founders Nick and Peter Furgiuele’s work with an always-solid revolving cast and their connection with audiences near and far have elevated their talents as songwriters and live performers. Over a decade of… Continue reading Gringo Star Fire Off a Live Album

Jeff Walls, Part 1

Sayonara Blues Jeff Walls, the multifaceted Marietta-born musician best known as the lead guitarist for eclectic 1980s band Guadalcanal Diary, campy ‘90s concern Hillbilly Frankenstein and, most recently, garage rock combo The Woggles, died on May 29 surrounded by family members at Duke University Hospital in Durham, North Carolina, following a two-month medical merry-go-round marked… Continue reading Jeff Walls, Part 1

Jeff Walls, Part 2

Attaway: “When we were young teenagers, Jeff was one of those guys that already had a rep. Because he had been playing guitar since he was a kid. He was one of the cool guys. So like, if you were me, coming from a different part of town, he was one of the guys you… Continue reading Jeff Walls, Part 2

Jeff Walls, Part 3

Jones: “I felt like he never got enough credit for his producing work. He produced the first [Woggles] EP, which was 1990. Then [our] second album, which was a collection of singles – he produced all the individual singles. And then there was Get Tough and Fractured, and this 10-inch, Wailin’ With the Woggles. And… Continue reading Jeff Walls, Part 3