Beck’s Back in Colors

I haven’t personally listened to a complete Beck album since Sea Change, and that was, what? Fifteen years ago? Yeah, I sorta lost track, or interest, or something, but damned if his show at the Fox in 2014 wasn’t absolutely dandy – plus he has a cameo, as himself, playing a private corporate gig in one of my favorite films of 2017, The Circle, so he’s still ace in my book. The album he was doing that 2014 tour on, Morning Phase, won the Album of the Year Grammy, and was a “companion piece” to Sea Change, so I guess I really should give it a listen, right? Well, shit, the labels aren’t deluging lowlife writers like us with promos anymore like they did “back in the day,” so sometimes important things like new Beck albums never really reach my stereo ‘til I see it in the used bin at Wuxtry, ‘cuz I can’t afford the crazy prices on the vinyls these days. You know, I’m sure someone at Capitol sent me a download of it, but that’s no fun. I’m not cool. I’m old school. I’m old. Where was I even going with this?

Oh, right – Beck has a new album coming out October 13th. It’s called Colors, and a lot of people are excited about this news. We are excited, too, because it has his 2015 single “Dreams” on it, which is the best damn jam the dude’s squeezed out in 20 years.

Photo by Eliot Lee Hazel.