Ride Share Their Weather Diaries

Weather Diaries, the first album of new material from British shoegaze rock veterans Ride since they reformed in 2014, will reach stores both mortar and online on June 16th. Not only is the original quartet – Andy Bell, Mark Gardener, Laurence Colbert and Steve Queralt – intact, but Weather Diaries reunites the band with mixer Alan Moulder, who mixed their seminal 1990 album Nowhere and produced its followup, Going Blank Again, in 1992.

From what we’ve heard so far, this new one sounds promising. Freshly-released advance track “Charm Assault” ranks among their punchiest and best ever, while the previously released single, “Home Is a Feeling,” occupies a softer, dreamier space. All in all, signs point to Ride picking up right where they left off, perhaps even a few notches better.

So far only a handful of East Coast live dates have been announced for July. Check your local forecasts for additions as they come.

Photo by Andrew Ogilvy.