The Breeders Have Got Some Nerve

When we last saw the Breeders, they were taking a victory lap commemorating the 20th anniversary of their platinum Last Splash LP. That “classic” lineup has reconvened for All Nerve, the first new Breeders album in ten years, due on March 2. Note this is not the original lineup – many have forgotten that the Breeders’ excellent 1990 debut Pod featured Belly’s Tanya Donelly as co-frontwoman. Since then the Breeders have been Kim Deal’s baby, with twin sister Kelly in tow.

Although Kim’s probably better known as Everyone’s Favorite Pixie (much to Black Francis’ chagrin) Last Splash arguably had as much impact on commercial alt rock as Doolittle. Sadly, I doubt many folks hold the Breeders’ two subsequent LPs (2008’s Mountain Battles being the last) in the same regard, and the new title track offers little hope for a return to form. Sock away some gas money if you want to find out for yourself – the Breeders will play Birmingham and Nashville in late April, but bypass Atlanta and Athens. In the meantime if you’re interested in a worthy successor to Last Splash check out last year’s Palehound album.