Can’t Adult Today? They’ve Got It Covered

Detroit band ADULT. are set to release their sixth album Detroit House Guests on Mute Records on March 17th. Conceived nearly twenty years ago, ADULT. received a Knight Foundation Grant in 2014 that allowed them to pursue their dream.

And what might that dream be? A collaboration album with artists with whom they lived, worked and created together (and probably shat together as well) including Michael Gira (Swans), Douglas McCarthy (Nitzer Ebb), Lichens, Shannon Funchess (Light Asylum), Lun*na Menoh and, appropriately for Detroit, Dorit Chrysler. Hopefully the album will spawn Detroit House Guests 2 and we’ll suggest a few collaborators: Jim Belushi, Florida-Georgia Line, Linda Perry and my former neighbor Gucci Mane.

Photo by Nicola Kuperus.