Death Valley Girls Dive Into the Cosmic

It seems like just yesterday we were just watching Iggy scarf down that burger in a Warhol homage, but Death Valley Girls already back with a fresh missive, and it represents a mind-glowing, soul-blowing expansion into the transcendental. “There is a lot to be really angry about in the world,” acknowledges vocalist/guitarist/organist Bonnie Bloomgarden, “but joy is just as powerful if used correctly!” Thus, on Oct. 2nd Suicide Squeeze Records will treat us to Under the Spell of Joy, described by Bloomgarden as “a space-gospel record.”

The Los Angeles band doses its well-honed proto-punk and psych-rock wheelhouse with splotches of Ethiopian funk, hypnotic drone and freakout jazz, augmenting the ecstatic swirl with guest saxophonist Gabe Flores, organist Gregg Foreman and a choir of additional voices.

“I think music becomes a part of you,” continues Bloomgarden. “Like Black Sabbath’s first record is as much a part of me as my own music. I think you can listen to music or song to get lost in it, or you can listen to music to find something in yourself or the world that either you never had or just went missing. I want people to sing to this record, make it their own, and focus on manifesting their dreams as much as they can!”

You can get started on that mission by losing yourself in the euphoric advance track, “The Universe,” which is up on YouTube for your enjoyment.

Photo by David Fearn.