Death Valley Girls Dive Into the Cosmic

It seems like just yesterday we were just watching Iggy scarf down that burger in a Warhol homage, but Death Valley Girls already back with a fresh missive, and it represents a mind-glowing, soul-blowing expansion into the transcendental. “There is a lot to be really angry about in the world,” acknowledges vocalist/guitarist/organist Bonnie Bloomgarden, “but… Continue reading Death Valley Girls Dive Into the Cosmic

The Dream Syndicate – The Universe Inside

You can’t accuse the 21st century edition Dream Syndicate of coasting on past glories. The closest they came was 2017’s excellent How Did I Find Myself Here?, the first album with the new configuration, but in truth it seemed as much a closure upon the weight of the band’s history as it was an honest… Continue reading The Dream Syndicate – The Universe Inside

Mathis Hunter Sets the Mood Lighting

Atlanta musician Mathis Hunter, alumnus of local groups Noot d’Noot and the Selmanaires, has been issuing noteworthy solo work along the way as well. His trippy debut LP, Soft Opening, came out back in 2010, but he’s been on a tear more recently, releasing the comparatively straightforward hard/classic rock fare of Countryman in 2017 and… Continue reading Mathis Hunter Sets the Mood Lighting

Sonic Boom Makes Himself Heard

Sonic Boom, better known to his relatives as Peter Kember, has always followed an unconventional musical path, whether under the Spectrum banner, his expeditions with Experimental Audio Research (a fluctuating soundscape project that has included Kevin Shields, Delia Derbyshire and AMM’s Eddie Prévost, among others), his recordings as Sonic Boom, collaborations with acts including Stereolab,… Continue reading Sonic Boom Makes Himself Heard

Have You Heard The Dream Syndicate? Not Like This


The Dream Syndicate announced their newest album The Universe Inside in a similar fashion as many acts do: by releasing an advance single and accompanying video. Most advance singles are not, however, 20-minute excursions into hypnotic, panoramic, psychedelic jazz/funk electric euphoria punctuated with evocative, beaten generation lyrics transmitted from what sounds like the unlit bottom… Continue reading Have You Heard The Dream Syndicate? Not Like This

Thievery Corporation

November 18, 2016 - New York, NY Portrait shoot with Thievery Corporation's Rob Garza and Eric Hilton credit Jen Maler

Treasure Chest: Thievery Corporation Open Up a World of Love Rob Garza can’t recall ever seeing a fight break out in the audience during a Thievery Corporation performance. On the other hand, their shows have been the setting for onstage marriage proposals, and in fact near the end of the group’s October 2017 concert at… Continue reading Thievery Corporation

Moon Duo’s Trance About Architecture

Psychedelic trance-inducers Moon Duo (guitarist Ripley Johnson and keyboardist Sanae Yamada) have announced some details about their fourth album – and it turns out it’s a two-parter reflecting “the invisible structures found in the cycle of seasons and the journey of day into night, dark into light. “Offering a cosmic glimpse into the hidden patterns… Continue reading Moon Duo’s Trance About Architecture

Jacco Gardner

Head in the Clouds: Jacco Gardner’s Dream World “There will always be a reason to escape reality,” says Jacco Gardner. That sentiment is the core of the 24-year-old Dutch artist’s attraction to the swirling, paisley-patterned psych-pop of the ‘60s. His fascination with the sound is deep-rooted – and, unsurprisingly, it translates quite literally to his… Continue reading Jacco Gardner

Moon Duo

Lunar Eclipse: Moon Duo’s Multi-Sensory Stimulus Act Moon Duo’s music has been described – fairly accurately, if ultimately unsatisfactorily – as psychedelic Krautrock. My housemate, however, misheard that term and thought it was “sauerkraut rock.” Well, hey, maybe we need to invent a new ridiculous genre name for the groovy stew conjured by soulmates Ripley Johnson and… Continue reading Moon Duo

Black Moth Super Rainbow

Juicy Juice: Tobacco Pipes in on Black Moth Super Rainbow It makes sense that Tom Fec got the idea for his alias from the creepy “Tobacco Man” character in Troma’s late ‘80s, low-budget, straight-to-VHS flick Redneck Zombies. “I was a kid when I saw it,” Fec recalls, “and that just kind of stuck with me.… Continue reading Black Moth Super Rainbow