Feist to Fans: Eat It!

Calgary’s Feist, whose album Pleasure has made it onto many critics’ “best of 2017” lists, now has a very unnecessary cookbook companion to go along with her record. No, this is not a joke.

Written jointly by Leslie Feist and Adrienne Amato, the chef on duty during the Pleasure recording sessions, Pleasures: The Meals of an Album (that doesn’t sound pretentious at all) can be summed up as “11 days in the studio and over 40 recipes,” and it contains vegetarian recipes organized on a song-by-song, day-by-day basis of what the band ate while they were recording. Again, this is not a joke. This book actually exists and you can buy it. All proceeds go to feed poor people in Canada. That’s not a joke either.

The 122-page, illustrated gimmick cookbook offers fans an immersive and sensory soundtrack into the making of the album, offering instruction in the preparation of meals which Feist and her bandmates shared together while recording and then shat out afterwards. Vegetarian food will make you shit really good. Once again, this is totally real, not made up, not joking here. They actually published this crap. You can buy this cookbook that supposedly goes along with her album. Like, who does she think she is really – Elvis or something? Only someone like Elvis should have a cookbook and I’m sure he didn’t have a cookbook until after he died.

“The making of an album is a communal process on many levels,” reveals Feist, “and that extended to the community of the kitchen while we were recording. We hope this book will embolden you to expand your repertoire, stock up on simple staples and invite friends into your kitchen to cook some of these meals with them.”

What a bunch of pretentious horseshit.