Flat Duo Jets’ Early Years Compiled

The 3-disc Flat Duo Jets vinyl box set, Wild Wild Love, made in a limited run of a thousand copies for Record Store Day is being released in a more widely-available double-CD (and digital) set, containing the entire contents of the vinyl edition, on October 20th.

The first disc combines their two earliest releases – the mid ‘80s In Stereo cassette (which got a brief run on CD by Sky Records in the early ‘90s) and 1990’s self-titled full-length debut, both long out of print. Disc two assembles 13 outtakes from recording sessions from the era.

Founding Jet Dex Romweber has been touring and recording with a reconstituted Flat Duo Jets for the past several years, with Crash LaResh – a sporadic fill-in for original drummer Crow during the late ‘90s – back on drums. Which prompts the question: what’s our favorite unkempt drummer girl Sara up to these days?