GBV to Release One Album This Year

There’s a new Guided by Voices album coming out soon. Yeah, that’s newsworthy, isn’t it? There’s always a fucking GBV album coming out soon. They release something about every month or two, don’t they?

Not so for 2018, they insist. Space Gun, to be issued March 23rd on Rockathon Records, will be it for the year. Supposedly, it’s that good, or so they promise. We’ll see about that. In any event, the LP will boast 15 songs, all with quintessential words-on-a-dartboard Bob Pollard titles such as “Sport Component National,” “Grey Spat Matters,” “Blink Bank” and “Evolution Circus.”

On a related note, I didn’t realize until I got a press release about Space Gun that Bobby Bare, Jr. was a member of GBV these days. Clearly I haven’t been paying much attention since the Tobin Sprout-era lineup disintegrated for the second time a few years ago. This current edition doesn’t have anything to do with that version aside from Pollard, but Doug Gillard’s back on guitar and early-aughts drummer Kevin March is back, too. But that’s old news to all you GBV heads, so I’ll just shut up now…