Hey Sizzle Chest – The Jerky Boys are Calling

If you haven’t gotten your fill of 1990s nostalgia, reunions, etc., yet, The Jerky Boys are back (kind of, it’s just Johnny Brennan – Kamal Ahmed left the duo in 2000) with a brand new comedy album of prank calls, making it the first Jerky Boys album in over twenty years.

All of Brennan’s classic characters are back, including tough talkin’ Frank Rizzo, the flamboyantly gay Jack Tors and Rosine the “Puerto Rican transvestite,” which are all sure to make most modern day progressives in the PC era squirm and cringe. The joke record, which is being put out later this year by the Comedy Dynamics label (the label responsible for all five Grammy nominees in the Best Comedy Album category this year) is sure to be labeled as “problematic,” “homophobic,” and “hate speech” by a few morons with their heads so far up their ass that they can’t even take a joke anymore.

Brennan didn’t just vanish into the ether two decades ago, he’s had a successful career as a voice actor, most notably as Mort Goldman on Family Guy, whose voice is actually based on Jerky Boys character Sol Rosenberg. And it was Family Guy‘s creator, Seth MacFarlane (a huge Jerky Boys fan) that finally convinced Brennan to get back into the studio to record another Jerky Boys record.

I know my inner thirteen-year-old child is excited.