Stipe Produces Former Fuck Buddy

Michael Stipe and Casey Spooner of Fischerspooner used to bang each other back in the day and now the insufferable Stipe who cannot be killed and will not just fade away has produced the upcoming Fischerspooner album, Sir, that’s due out February 16th. Stipe just so happened to produce the record in the very same home where he and Casey Spooner used to bang each another. Their publicist seems to think “the story behind it is incredible.” It’s really not. It’s just sex and it’s just a house. It’s incredibly desperate is what it is. YAWN.

“It’s very personal and overtly homosexual, which was important to Casey to celebrate as a response to Trump’s hate movement,” the publicist (who majored in women’s studies in college) (of course she did) yammers on in her non-thought-out non-press-release/email. How inane. What hate movement? It’s all made up. This is the safest, freest time to be alive. Check your privilege for real. PUKE.

The flack continues with a long laundry list of seemingly good selling points, to her at least, ’cause she’s a fucking imbecile representing a couple of gay imbeciles that think they’re some kind of civil rights icons ’cause they had sex with each other in some house a long time ago. Just egos out of control right here. “Casey made it after his longterm relationship ended and it shows him finding his new voice and chronicling his relationships, hook ups and dating today with technology. Casey is in a really great place mentally and physically now – he’s insanely fit, obsessed with working out, eating healthy and looks the best he ever has.” What does any of this have to do with music, lady? DOUBLE PUKE.

If you want to hear Casey Spooner warble his way through some electro beats, then check out Sir, available on February 16th.